Private studio portraits

What we do?

Miguel Ángel Sánchez is the photographer of MÁSTESÓN collective.

MÁSTESÓN speciality is portraiture, and we work on portrait assignments for press and media, but even on this kind of assignments,  our philosophy is always closer to fine art painting portraiture.  We learned from classic portraiture technics of the 17 century and now we mix this knowledge with studio lighting photography.

Our influences are inside museums from Spain, Italy, Wien,  and our inspiration is related to the chamber painters like, Tiziano, Velazquez, Alonso Cano, Goya,... artists who were in a special certain golden age.  But we also learned from the best 50´s studio photography.

All this work done with the philosophy that a painter use when he paints: NO rushes. Following a strict process and taking care of every single detail inside the portrait. Thinking and drafting before shooting, meditating and studying how light works in every different person and studying the character.

We travel with the studio equipment wherever you are and we set the studio in your place. Sometimes, the space is not enough and we arrange a studio nearby. And that´s why the private studio session takes a minimum of 2 days.

1st day we set the studio and a perfect lighting, and the 2nd day, we shoot the portrait.

We send you a final piece of art, printed over a special paper by german printers and ready to be framed.

We accept assignments and offer our private sessions to CEOs of private companies, authorities, artists, equestrian portraits and special requests for special events and personalities.

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